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Affiliate Program – StrategyTraining.com

The StrategyTraining.com Affiliate Program

If you enjoy our programs and want to help your peers, we want to pay you for that. You can enjoy a lifetime recurring 33% commission on any of the memberships from our audio and video or reading training libraries via StrategyTraining.com Affiliate Program.

You may have gotten benefits out of the memberships, or you might already be referring people, and we will be happy to pay you for your referrals.

If you refer 3 people, you’ll pretty much get your membership for free. So, you will be helping your colleagues out and getting a membership at no cost. And if you refer 4 or more people, now you’re getting your membership for free and getting extra recurring revenue doing something that you might be doing anyway, which is helping out your peers by sharing great training resources.

There are benefits beyond just the commission. If you are part of a team or a leader of a team, and you share it with people in your team, that’s going to elevate your whole team. So not only are you going to earn a commission for recommending it, but now you are going to be leveling up the success of your team and, ultimately, your company.

When you help other people in their professional development, that’s one of the best favors you can do for someone. Your colleagues and people in your network may look successful and well off from the outside, but may suffer inside because they are stuck in their career or recently were passed over for promotion. We are living at a time where there is a glut of information but most of it is noise that will only burn your time.

Your resources reliably lead to results,” that is how one of the Insiders recently described us.

Your colleagues are scrolling through LinkedIn and reading superficial articles trying to get an edge. They are digging a well with their bear hands, and you can give them a shovel. Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You can’t help someone and not have that help return to you in some way at some point. It will not always return from the same person. But it will always return.

We are also planning special perks for our best affiliates.

How your commissions are tracked:

  • We use 3rd party, reputable providers, Rewardful.com and Kajabi.com, to track the commissions.
  • All commissions will be tracked automatically, and you will be able to see real-time analytics (more details below).
  • Commissions will be payable at the end of the month, within 45 days – 62 days, depending on when your referral is signed up. This is required due to chargebacks allowed by certain credit card companies. So, at the end of the month, we will make payments of all commissions earned at least 45 days prior. And if your referral is signed up within the last 44 days or more recently, your commission payment for that transaction will occur at the end of the next month.

Premium, Insider, and Legacy dashboard example:

affiliate program strategytraining.com

Strategy Control Room and Strategy Control Room (Advanced Level) dashboard example:

affiliate program strategy training.com

What Do You Want To Promote?

We teach things no one else teaches anywhere in the world, so our members can get outsized results.

Audio and Video Training Library:


Case Interviews & Consulting Skills

$167 per month


Strategy & Advanced Consulting Skills

$2,004 per annum

  • Everything in Premium + all strategy advanced Insider videos.
  • See list of programs
  • >6,000 episodes
  • All step-by-step studies


Insider + Mentoring + Exclusive Content

$497 per month

  • Everything in FC Insider
  • Bi-weekly submit your question for guaranteed input
  • Selected insights from our high-value coaching programs content only available to our closest clients
  • Insider status awarded immediately. Terms apply

Reading Library (Internal Knowledge Base System):



$167 per month

Read-only access to selected materials within our strategy control room. This membership is a path to earn SCR Advanced status, granted when 7th consecutive month begins. Advanced status grants read-only access to all files within our knolwedge base.


$2,004 per annum

Read-only full access to all contents of our internal strategy control room (knowledge base).

Ready To Earn Exciting
Monthly Payouts? Apply Now!

StrategyTraining.com Premium, Insider, and Legacy Memberships (our audio and video training library): https://firmsconsulting-llc.getrewardful.com/signup

Strategy Control Room + Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level (our vast reading library): https://kris-safarova.mykajabi.com/affiliate_users/sign_up

Take care,

Kris Safarova

Subject to our general terms and conditions and Affiliate terms and conditions.

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