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24/7 Personal Strategy & Consulting AI Platform

Business leaders, executives, management consultants, business analysts, internal consultants, and, in fact, everyone in business relies on correct and sound advice to make critical decisions. You must be able to trust the source, and you do not have the time to fact-check.

The difference with the field of business, strategy and analyses in general is that the best and tested tools, frameworks, methodologies, toolkits, training guides, books and even proposals are not available for free access. This is a very important distinction with the legal field, for example. The field of strategy consulting, in particular, is heavily modelled on the elite law firms, but there is a major difference between both.

The law is written in a series of books that are public. Almost all cases before judges and all case law is public.

Anyone can find the best law content and read it.

AI platforms for the legal profession are built on this public information. All firms have access to the same information, and success comes down to the lawyer who can best interpret this public information and create an argument.

The field of strategy, and business in general, is the polar opposite.

The best information is not public…
The best studies are not public…
The best proposals are not public…
The best of anything in the field of critical thinking/strategy is not public.

New techniques and approaches are guarded. They are never shared.

In fact, even something as simple as the definition of top-down and bottom-up business cases is often incorrectly defined on the internet.

If you do a Google search or use a public LLM, it is going to be summarizing the very poorly and often incorrect advice on the internet.

Following this advice will not lead to a great outcome.

We have built, and have been testing over the last few months, an AI platform that is trained on our advanced non-public and, carefully developed over the past 15 years, body of knowledge on strategy, analysis, and consulting.

We have, in effect, downloaded our brains into the platform so it thinks and reasons the way we do. Michael and I use it daily and are impressed with it. Sometimes it gives me better answers than what I might come up with on the spot because it remembers everything and instantly recalls it. At the same time, I sometimes have to let things percolate in my mind before some important elements come to me. But AI has an instant recall.

And we will continue to develop the AI platform with new data, that is, again non-public and tested with clients.


Take care,

Kris Safarova

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